The Trilly Wonka EP


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released 07 September 2012
All rapping by Loot Brute.
See info for production credits.
Don't sue me dun.




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Track Name: You Pt. 2
I'ma ask you out. I hope you say yes
but if you don't no stress, girl, i won't press
any further than i must. To trust is a test.
I ain't just tryin' to super smash peach, I ain't ness
But i'll be damned if I don't complete the quest
You ain't just NPAright; Fresh air: yr a breath
Someone needs to put that smile under arrest
Cause it steals the wind from my chest, oxygen theft
This little birdie flew the coop, took the nest
Nerve wracked, heart bumping neath my breast
So i keep pourin beer in my chest so I don't give the impression
you've prolly already guessed
Yo, I can't help it. I'm awful at expression.
I don't perceive the obvious solutions to my own questions
The tounge's a deadly weapon, and mine is cocked and loaded
Fear of Rejection: In order to progress, I must corrode it
And make myself vulnerable in this very moment
The door open for you: I'd be happy just to hold it
Yeah, I think it's bout time this cave man started thawing
And grabbed his past self's body and started embalming
I suppose I make music cause it's calming
I think about you quite alot but really not that often
See?! I'm a contradiction, there's an omen.
I'll put my foot in this revolving door that's always closin'.
I'll risk a broken foot for someone so uncommon,
I'll risk embarrassment and isolate face-palming
I know I've prolly started runnin' 'fore the race's start
but I'm known for falling fast and hard: Owen Hart.
It's not a trait that I'd necessarily brag about.
I know yr prolly thinkin' "Hey, Romeo, slow down it itn't time to take the dagger out and yr right, I don't even have a Juliet yet much less a knife".
I'm just trying to go and get some coffee
Maybe catch a movie, maybe even sushi with wasabi
Maybe sip an IPA that's way too fuckin' hoppy
Why settle for Kreature when you could kick it with Dobby?
That's a Harry Potter reference. See? I'm just a dweeb.
I ain't tryin' to front like a macho man on creatine
But these other dudes? I can see through their schemes
I'm a healthy supper. They're just food by Paula Deen.
Ignore my chest beating "Loot Brute is a baller" screams,
I'm just a finite human being in the scheme of things
With alot of dreams, and a million hopes
I've tried to beat depression by tying a million ropes
and taking a million tokes.
See, I'm just a mortal.
Never ending condescending like that stupid voice in Portal.
But I don't care this is who I am and that's alright
Self-reflection like a moth captivated by the light
I ain't tryin' to freak you out, just to be honest
and if you ain't cool with that yr an empathetic novice
Feel me? I ain't bein' pompous just don't mistake me for another Gareth Keenan in The Office
Yellow with envy at times like I got Jaundice
Sometimes I think so fucking much my synapses get nauseous
And this is no exception.
If there's a line you better believe I've crossed it cause I don't have courage like this often
and when I do, I'm unstoppable.
I don't need that much courage all I need's a pocketful.
If I was Choc-RULA I'd prolly say a chocetful.
Despite the odds I simply won't accept this is impossible.
and if it fails and I don't surpass the obstacles
I'll keep the mind state that makes K.I.M. possible
I must accept my karmic gps
I follow where it takes me:
The blind leading the deaf.
Stress: something I know all too well
To me this track is like a turtle voluntarily performing an Exodus from the cozy comfort of his shell
The only thing I think you should put on me is a spell or, well,
keep it to yrself, cuz this ain't show-n-tell
If you want an upgrade, dude yr getting a dell
Hell, I'm rap's Syd Barret
On the orange spectrum the color of my hair is somewhere in between auburn (roll tide) and mid carrot
I got alota love boo let me share it
I got a lota sKILL too, watch me tear it
up in the many ways that I affirm my merit
No liquor, if someone gets you quicker
Ah well, no shaking scale Richter
No Andy, it's all dandy
Life ain't a movie and it damn sure ain't a grand prix.
I'm trying to kick it like Spongebob and Sandy.
Plus all the ketchup that I buy is really fancy.
Word to mother, word to sister too
Word to MF DOOM holding up the fuckin' kissing booth
Word to Hitler Youth, wait, never mind
But you are like a noise violation ticket
Yr classier than British people eatin scones and playin cricket
or Microsoft Excel thumbnails in middle school when you click it
I got a lot of friends, yo, I clique it
But even some of my closest friends just hit it and quit it
To be specific, I'm nervous about releasing this
But I'ma do the right thing like the first gift of Prometheus
I'm not just speaking truth I'm projecting it like paint in graffiti is
by now the message's tedious.
but I have to let the dust settle,
scrape the rust off of the metal,
put the pedal to the floor and swerve like I've swerved before
So, here's my guts, warts and all.
Ball's in yr court.