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released December 25, 2013

Track 1 produced by Tycho

Tracks 2, 4, 6-8, 10-11 and 13 produced by ZEN-ONE aka LOKO PUFF$

Tracks 3, 5, 9, 12 and 14-16 produced by Blazin' Brand

Poorly recorded, kinda mixed and not even mastered by Loot Brute

All rhymes and hooks written by Loot Brute except where otherwise noted

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LOOT BRUTE Montclair, New Jersey

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Track Name: Whuz Kraken feat. T. Brickz
Dialed up some mice head to see WHUZ KRAKEN tonight
She said she just broke up with her man
So now she free like Mandela she bringing a box of Philly panetellas
Hazelnut complexion, Cinderella Nutella
Let me be ya fella Cinderella Nutella
Hazelnut complexion, Cinderella Nutella

If Brickz is aiming for your face he ain't gonna miss your teeth
But I bet you probably will when you can no longer eat
Don't speak, I know just what you'll say and that shit is weak
If silence is golden you deserve the wealth of Mozambique
Remain silent, Rap's always been tongue-in-cheek
Up on cripple creek with no paddle I went and sprung a leak
I'm way too smart to stay quiet but way too dumb to speak
I'm taking puffs like a muhfucking tissue thief
Too anxious to remain static, too horrified to leap
Bring me chips and salsa, a joint and a M.D.C. CD
Fuck wit the fam get the dot like a dippin' be
Channel my words like history, Anansi with the wizardry
Blizzard, misery, scissory, Kathy Bates, Bathanape
Ankle brace, paper plate, smoking watching Baker tapes
In the morning for my lady I'ma make her crepes
Lassiez Faire enough, fake is fake and haters gonna hate
Great is great and later won't be long for now, chile
199Now style, throw beef up on the cow pile
A lot of rappers have nothing better to talk about than how they fuck your bitches mouth
While jackin' swag from Swishahouse, but shout out Slaughterhouse like they're actually underground
You owe half your revenues to Screw's children's mouths!
But you won't pay it and that's mad pathetic
Clean the wound with antiseptic, paragraph begin indented
But tonight's about the future and constellatory orgasms and Zod!ac Sutrahs
Male/Female maneuvers, good buddah and caviar beluga


Cinderella Nutella, Cinderella Nutella
I'm bout to make you get your groove back like you're Stella
I'm a hell of a fella, better grab an umbrella
Coat tailer, money long like dope dealer
More scrilla, never have I rode a four-wheeler but
I want me a chinchilla and a pocket full of dough
Call me Tarzan with these trees, everybody wanna hear my flow
Cause my shit gon blow like "Woah"
No, my shit gon blow like "What?!"
Like a grenade in your face better back up quick before you get fucked up
Rough City nigga, we so tough
Rough City nigga, we go hard
Like a system in your car, turn me up, yo, it's your part
When I finish what you start like a race at the finish line
Me & Loot, we like Dre & Snoop when it's dinner time:

Track Name: Hibernation
It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you
Without an ill rhyme to step to

I’m back and trying to say something without being on preachy shit
Since losing the Fellowship I almost went nuts on some lychee shit
Previously I never thought I’d get burnt
No Prometheus but the fire’s lit beneath me like a stove and skillet median
Come median and get topped like freestyle grafitting against KRS-ONE
Run rabbit run! Only the speedy win!
You MP3 but see the CD win
Opposites define
I’ll intertwine your spine with the mind of the divine when I spit sublime
See, sick rappers water down the freshness of hydration just to try to get rotation on radio stations
But once you get spun and stuck in the loop, it’s done
Where once was the motive of fun is now a puke-green Benjamin
It’s sorta like Ben Buttons, as you age the profits shrink
In just the blink of a second the center of attention becomes the brink of a nasty ass land before time ass muck and meyer pit
Fuck going pop and getting trapped, I’m coming harder than plier tips
I’m tighter than tire knits, on point like Jada Fire’s nips
In the cut like wire snips, Mad Money like buyer tips
Nah, I ain’t got money, but I ain’t doing that bad economically especially since I cut out recreation hydroponically
And Sonically I’m Knuckles, that’s to say I’m sick like Brickz
Got more wreckless bars than electric guitars have broken picks
I’m avoiding making a hit like trying not to put elbows up to your face
But if you test my mic integrity Melrose get put in place
For months I’ve laid dormant and snoring like a sleeping grizzly
Treating what was once my life like a chapter in ancient history
Did you miss me? I hope you did and if you didn’t: FUCK YOU
‘Cause I’m back to fry these chickens up like my ass works at Cluck-U
I’m in the house of the rising Sun Tzu waging war on mediocrity
and hating all this sweet ass pop shit like cans of Shasta be
Not for nothing, but a lot of cats is bluffing like some bumpkin cousin claiming he grew Georgia’s biggest pumpkin
And the government is plunging when I though it couldn’t sink further
These Republican-ass munchkins got morals like orange sherbet in the sun
When the heat’s put on them it’s all gone…
What about my Grams blowing about fifteen grand every time she needs some chemotherapy pumped in her hand?
And what about my Dad (RIP) his condition makes me sad, I can’t change shit about that
With no pen and fucking pad unless it’s a check…
All disrespect to the government not Jim Kimmel
Kanye talkin’ not for sale when he’s been pop like yesterday’s pimple
It’s simple, read between the lines of the American flag’s red (IT’S WHITE GET IT?)
Yr better off dead than supporting the feds…
The Republicans distract you like “LOOK! A Muslim bomber…there!”
Let’s repeal their salaries, why waste time with Obamacare?
The Democrats ain’t better, they’re just two rats chasing cheddar
When the cameras roll they wear the mask like V for Vendetta
And we all wear a mask too, Paul Laurence Dunbar’s mad true
On our fake faces like tribal Maori tattoos
I’m trying to be the white Papoose without all the SNAFUs
and throw shit at the system like baboons at kids in bad zoos
Like Shaggy said to Scooby “Why go see a zombie film? Life’s a horror movie…”
I guess I came back to rap for that very reason
Last fall it was trap, then throwback 90’s the next season?!
I’m someone to believe in, ‘cause I ain’t on a fad
Shoutout to those that’s listening I missed you all so bad
It’s LOOT, y’all ready know I got you open like a scab
Scraped off a drunk bitch in heels who fell out of a cab
Track Name: Summer Vacation feat. Hldn Grm$
I disemboweled a little girl, put her guts in my knapsack
When home and gobbled that shit up like a SnackPack
Went to the park right as it was getting dark
Bent my boner to make the shadow look like a hammerhead shark
Left at around nine to fetch a bottle of wine
Came back with a sack and an illegal smile like John Prine
Sat on the bench for what seemed like seven days
Ran into Joan of Arc and asked that bitch if she wanted to blaze
Ooops! Wrong choice of words, I shoulda chose 'em better
Two twelve-year old girls: Now that's what I call a double header!
Sp-sp-sputter when I'm spittin' like my mouth's a beretta
Lucy is to homicides like Cheez-Its is to cheddar
Meanwhile back at the ranch the plot thickens like gravy
Still sitting on this bench when I spot this old lady dressed like a nun
Decided to have some fun, penetrated her anus with the loaded clip of a gun
She made too much noise so I had to slit her throat
Then I fucked the wound like tenth century Muslims got fucked by the Pope
She clearly had a cold, my cock was covered in phlegm
Wiped it clean until the head sparkled like an exotic gem
After that I saw Marlon Waynes, he said "Don't be a menace!"
Made him get on all fours and spread his cheeks like altar boys do penance
When I pulled my dick outside of him it was attached to his appendix
The smell itself had me choking on puke like Jimi Hendrix
Slit my wrists and Achilles heels
Landed face first in a fire ant bed so I could hear myself squeal
Came to the SIN-sation of ants in my urethra
When I glanced down my dick looked like a swollen slice of pizza
Then I squeezed my cock like a Gogurt tube filled with puss
Got a rush off seeing the lemon custard colored mush
Face flushed, I stumbled on a girl scouts troop
Made the leader wetter than an Indian food buffet poop
I bent her over backwards and fisted her in front of the group
*Jizzing sound* I came inside her, my Plan B was an ice cream scoop
I dropped my salty ball of genius in a Carvel cup
Slit the throat of every girl that wouldn't gobble it up
Stabbed my fucking neck with a candy cane I sharpened up
Took two things of Thin Mints for the road and nyuk nyuk nyuk
I started hearing sirens, ran behind a man walking his dog
Beat his head to cherry Jell-O with a nearby log
When the pigs asked me what I saw I told them Rover did it
He's recently gone through Snausage withdrawal
For some reason they didn't believe me, tried to handcuff me to the bench
Castrated the male piggy, raped the female one with a wrench
She screamed "Please stop!" So I smacked the fucking bitch
And told her no job's too small for tool man Tim Taylor to fix
Punched her in the cunt and threw up all over her mangled tits
Grabbed my pet Pink Panther and filled her pussy with Kibbles-N-Bits
After that I went back to my house and caught up on some snores
So that was my summer vacation, tell me, how was yours?

Hm, it was fucking great, where do I possibly start?
Well I got part-animal, still mostly cannibal
Hannibal Lecter, I'll wreck your chances of survival with a smile
Why so serious? I'm delirious with rage, animal in a cage
You left the damn door open! Just hoping I could dance around in your blood
A sudden thud and then disaster
While I plaster my basement with your brains
I'm basically insane
Plain as peach pie I'm the guy with murder in his eye
Why try to reason with a terrorist who's errorless in his precision with incisions?
No decisions, go for the arteries heartily
Part of me just wants the voices to stop laughing
So I'm attacking til the screaming stops
I could give two steaming plops for my enemies
They all turn up dead eventually
Mentally deranged, so I rearrange faces like Picasso
Is that your blood? I thought so…
Please avoid the carpet and next time please make a harder target
Fuckin' A man!
Track Name: The Man Within You (Dedicated to Spanken Berry)
If you could only see who I see within you
You wouldn’t let your criminal record spin you
Into a downward spiral centrifuge
I don’t want to see you washed up from the spin through
I don’t want to see you washed out from the spin through
I just want you to become the man within you

So much potential within you, I gotta wonder
What drives you to make mistakes and recover with blunders?
From petty theft to possession of a bag of death
It tears my heart out of my chest to hear that you’ve been sleeping on a bench
And you were arrested with vomit scented breath from washing down crack smoke with booze instead of paying debts
I remember when I met you by the blue rock
You had your favorite chillum tucked away inside a tube sock
I never knew that would lead your ass to smoking what divides it
I never even thought that you would try the shit
But time slithers away and effects numb
Struck dumb by the horrid news weighing like ten tons
My homie, one of the few who actually knows me
Throwing away his composition genius like a rollie that's been smoked down to the butt
I was like "WHAT??!!!" when he told me
I couldn't believe he red-dotted his arm like pepperoni on a pizza...
I don't want to be a believer...


It used to be just alcohol and reefer until the shallow water wasn't enough and he went deeper
Designer drug chiefer, looking for the answer at the bottom of a beaker
Product tucked inside a sneaker
And when you relapsed after a couple months of recovery
All the fears that had been bugging me really started to trouble me like
What the fuck is Vivaldi doing on Molly?
What the fuck is Brecht doing on Meth?
Why the hell is Bobby Kennedy on Ketamine?
Why is Malcolm X smoking a bag of wet?
What I'm saying is a natural born leader shouldn't waste their God-given sense of direction following a hologram seeking connection on a path paved by a way of life that misled you
Don't get me wrong, I ain't judging what you've been through
I just don't want you washed up from the spin through
I want you to become the man within you.
Track Name: The Criteria feat. T. Brickz and Choc
da criteria libria be in ya area
kick flows to put fear in ya fuck hearing ya
in nigeria people listen to me
cuz all da africans i got now be sending me beats
got music out in da streets better call da police
i dog a bitch in da storm have her licking my d
man u iz not in my league
so wat da fuck iz doin i kno u rappin to rap
but i be bringing it to em i bringin it to em
and i dont even need id
every flow for flow nigga hiv
how sick iz dat u can't get wit dat
now all my niggaz take a sip to dat we in da back
wit no chase tryna tear up da place u fuck around and get a scar on ya face
for being laced and niggaz on da run right now just caught a case
so play i safe niggaz watch us cut to the chase
got all this butt in my face bitches thinkin I'm touring
its like I'm jordan and shit man u know how I'm scoring
u know that I'm scoring and u don't really mean to be boring
but right for now ima hit up lauren to see wassup
nigga I'm drunk, trying to roll up the skunk
I got bitches in the back of the trunk
I said, nigga, i'm drunk, yeah nigga i'm drunk
and I got bitches in the back of the trunk whassup

I'm fresher than the poonanny of Nikki Giovanni in its prime
I'm so wavy when I bathe I start tsunamis
Intricate inception like ingestion of the taste umami
Haters hate me probably cuz I'm swaggin' like a swami origami ricky bobby
Smoking at the Hobby Lobby bumping "John Wayne was a Nazi"
By nature Jersey's naughty
Aye Carumba, jumpin' George Lopez
Speedy Gonzalez, Selena Gomez topless in my bedroom
Giving me head room cuz I'm her red groom
Slide in like a sled do
Loot Brute, spit like Brotha Lynch but look like Redfoo
Guess who stress crews, it's FELLOWSHIP nephew!
I don't really care about a ca$h advance
Fellowship leaving the underground??!! BITCH NOT A FUCKING CHANCE
Loot Brute, mythical, Swagamemnon
Rappers couldn't hold their own if they were clutching their bloody tampons
I got my stamp on this track like it's a letter
I'm the King like Scott Coretta and I'm only getting better
A lot of rappers caught the M.T.V.D.
Always hawkin', talkin' bout the stardom that they'll see
BIATCH PLEASE the only way you'll ever play M.S.G. (Madison Square Garden)
is if you hook Chinese food up to your PS3 in your T.V.
Yours truly suck my D-I-C-K, L-DOUBLE O-T

Tales from the Cryptographer, seeing Signs like Shamylan
when the plot twists like Oliver
Problem solved, it's pouring through the colander
Said "Fuck being a follower"
My liter is undistilled, my heater is unconcealed
So you see I don't underkill
Blazin' coming straight outta left field like a catch by Gary Sheffield
From the cesspool to the west end to the sess fields with the best blends
I've never seen a drought like the wetlands in the dark
When I'm parched off my target market like a shark does to carp
Sharp as a dart, smart from the start
Slow and steady wins the debate
Horizontally integrate like I grew my dinner plate
And/or I packed in the vape, squinting cuz I scintillate
Glowing as I ruminate
Oh, girl got a deficiency? She just need the Vitamin D
Piracy of privacy, I'm in it like her diary
Can you smell the irony?
It's all up in your face like Ivory (soap, muhfukah)
And can't you hear the langolier?
Some go insane and hang in fear
It keeps the word ringing clear from here to Niger
FUK YEH, alternate control then delete
Put your soul on frozen flesh meat
I'm eaten' like Kobayashi getting fresh with Ms. Freshly
Fuck 'em up like Joe Pesci in…
Well, every movie he's in he's deadly!
Hey, look at this guy with a crook in his eye!
I'm drawin' my speech and they reach for the skies
The sweeter the pie, the bigger the leech
and the fatter it gets as it eats you dry
Fiber savvy web of lies, uncanny valley recognize
Advance and be mechanized, efficiency needs specialized
Emphasize the hyper-real, Reel-to-reel I seal the deal
I need a meal cuz it's hot: McDonald's coffee spill
In the mix with Loot and Brickz, designer rhyme syndicate
Nobody is innocent, the only thing I see that's near and dear is Venison
Tall, dark, and silky
Still rather be dirt poor than filthy
and now you say you love me? GUILTY.
Track Name: Who Am I?
Who am I when I stare in the mirror?
I don't even know the person any more looking back from my reflection
Trying to bounce back like the image that refracts off the pane of the window
But my hope is my deception

I don't know what happened to your boy
I don't understand what happened to the dude you were friends with
All I know is gradually I got tired of liars and the smell of shit so I exited the pig pen pit
I understand that biologically we're both the same but that only pertains to what happens
to our veins after pin pricks
Half the people that I've met that think they have a bounty of knowledge when actually put
to the test merely rescind it
I resented friends judging my personality like a salad be in a review on Yelp
C'mon, I'm insecure enough man
You don't have to say shit like that
As if I really need your help
Why do we always act like we got each other's back but in the middle of conflict while you retreat
I'm thinking in my head how we were never even friends though I know we'll make amends
And the cycle repeats, eats its own tail
An oroborous without fail
Becoming an alcoholic, spend too much time on Long Trails
Struggling just to call it do I want heads or want tails?
The bigger the amount of bread you got the more it becomes stale
And the bread basket has turned into a dust bowl
Just tap it and watch the powder's fragments mushroom in the air
It's getting harder to breathe in here
Inhalation restriction then vision constriction span expands as the cloud grows
I went from being burning hot to out cold after my first album was ignored by the surrounding zone of my home
Took it straight to the dome, depression sank in like stones thrown into a cold stream
Problems arise like steam off of a pot of tea
What's the definition of me?
I mutter within my sleep and it often escalates to demonic visions and screams
Shout out to the Philippines, may the victims rest in peace

Track Name: The Whitest Kid U Know
I'm the whitest kid you know, call me Jack Frost
Plucking on my lady's g-string: ass crack floss
Something like a Macintosh update contract clause
Fine when it comes print, king like Ras Kass' namesake
My flame rate is about as much as my bong's frame takes
I sprain eighths and compound fracture quarters with the spark
aiming at eight strains of Indica-Sativa blended into the same fate
This mane's great…I'm something like a phenomenon
I spit fire fast, bitch: Charmander Ramadan
Striking like the image of an upside down black cross
Deadly to intake too much like breathing next to black moss or mold
I'm foretold by prophecies in The Gospel According to Loot: my own intellectual property
Every night I dream it seems satan's trying to talk to me
to the point when I watch home movies I can see his aura stalking me
But he ain't body outline chalking me, he don't mean a fuck to me
like you Dunkin' muchkin plunkin' dumplins fumbling to puncture me
But none of y'all can rupture me, I grow mountains from mustard seeds
Y'all ain't getting fuck from me like illegitimate Usher seeds
All y'all getting snuffed for free, Manhunt 2 on PS3
I'm sicker than patient 33 quarantined by the C.D.C.
C.C.D. doesn't have more fucking class than me
Half these acid rappers trying to cheapen tabs are crap to me
Chill Wavy Gravy, tripping ain't a roller coaster ride
It simply opens up your mind for you to take a dive inside
It just so happens when you open up and swallow
Yr tripping so hard you don't notice you dove into shallow water
The kind you get at Pathmark for a quarter
The kind that gives you plaque and a tooth decay disorder
I'm Wayne Shorter hopping over borders to play saxophone in Mexico
Yr Dennis Rodman gassing up a dictator like Texaco
My girl's like my schedule: flexible
I'm not that impressed with you if all you do is flex the tool
Yeah, yeah, and I know you're not impressed with me
Even though my rhymes make you say "Huuuh?" like a confused Master P
Charge it 2 da game like Silkk Da Shocker with a Master C-A-R-D
Yr H-A-R-D-LY harming me with that weak bar physique
The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's G-R-A-V-E
B (EB Games, get it?) game point, bitch, NBA2K3
Track Name: Swag in a Bag feat. Hldn Grm$ and Choc
Swag in a bag (in various forms)

I'm riding a razor scooter
Loot's on point like a fucking laser shooter
New Year's resolution: start ignoring haters' rumors
Green party hot box like Ralph Nader computers (smoking weed in a small space, get it?)
Nonchalant vagabond, fuck a tagalong
Bumping "Leaving Babylon", Bad Brains marathon
It's Loot Brute, I run shit like a decathlon
More laid back than the bed that your mattress on (just kidding I'm a tense motherfucker)
I smoke them big blunts: monolithic matter horns
Lyrics or the flow on the track: which one matters more?
The answer's both, blunts I roast
Crumbling herb like a piece of toast
Slash and burn technique when a Dutch get close
My flames start forest fires but the wood's wet
Peeps that knew me when I started are like "Ayo, he good yet?"
I think the answer's obvious
Like Nookie said, "If you don't want the sauce, playa, don't stay where the pasta is"
Loot Brute, swimming swami origami pedagogy
All this whisky got me feeling groggy
Probably sipping on a Saki
Seniorita southward feeling soggy
I put the L in Elrond, make it disappear like Dobby
Try and stop me


Stay blazed on haze that fades color
Duller blunt force trauma comma coma
After master blaster bong
Faster roller than a fucking coaster
Toast your roaches
Coach is no designer, no label
Stable supporter of underground economies
Probably knees knobbly/wobbly 'cause of how high I be
Tree higher than the forest fires in drier Redwoods
Said good weed the best medicine after laughter
I start coughing dolphin cotton mouth
Bottom out your bowl pack
Whole snack stacks in packs
On attack, munchy/crunchy
Go ahead and punch me!
Face got no feeling, mind reeling off appealing odors
Wise Yoda, funny Abe Vigoda
Hit my quota of the toca, no coca
Thank you, please, trees I seize in the forest
Bored less, deplore stress
More sess than your set
For chance I forget the exact weight
Act straight, stay stoney, no bologna homie
Only green, never brown, choke it down
Fellowship stays smoking clowns and toking down


Lassiez le vonton brûlée (it's French dude I have no clue how to spell that shit or what it says)
I'm yesterday's version of tomorrow today
Suspended anime, living like I'm already dead
Head soaked in ambesol, chain smoking menthols and TetraHydroCannibinol
Aw man, I'm about to have a fit again
It ain't so peachy in the pit I'm in
Time is dwindling, anti and post-meridian
At first I was a simpleton, then I got petrified
Pineal gland decalcified
Separated from the herd and learned to cultivate my hill
Create a gap too large to bridge, a space too definite to fill
Detach, unlatch, dissociate from the world I loathe and hate
Just to eliminate how juxtaposing forces correlate
Take control of soul and fate, I just need a vesicle
Sensation is extra exceptional with delectable edibles
It wasn't by chance or happenstance that humans and plants
are allies like Greece and France, to each his own
Surely the streets will stay dirty like in Paris
That's why I keep my passionfruitopia awareness
With the swag in a bag, got some shag and some zags
Get all the snacks I can grab and spin a track by the Flag
'Cause I like to let loose when I untie my shoes
Always take the scenic route to avoid the SNAFU
Look around, what's over ground was once under Earth
So when I touch the lush I like to say it's nice to meet her
Track Name: People in America Named America
Dear God, I hope you kill everyone for my birthday
So I don't have to go to work today and I hope it hurts in every Miley Cyrus twerking way
The back bone of this country is Spina Bifida vertebrae
Every day for the Army is murder day
Heard 'em say the murder rate is like McDonald's burger rate
Low cost and convenient like the crimson plastic burger tray
Blood bubbles like Poland Spring aquifers and percolate
95% of all discarded waste is made by 5% of the planet, most with enlarged waists
The media's preoccupied with race but who said what instead of fixing Section 8
I'm bugged by the N.S.A. literally
We are the repositories for the elites who treat citizens like cyber bullies
I wish it was a story but it's fact
Maybe the only way that we can fix it's with an atom blast

Sickle cell economics trickle down anemia
The ones controlling FEMA are the ones running the media
It's fucked up like appetites after appetizers at Applebee's
Automatic anamatronic arms alleviate appendages with arteries that atrophy
Yet H.I.V. is still L-I-V-I-N-G
A future too foggy to see
It's all wrong, maybe Ras was right about me
Indigenous life quality became deceased, my nature threatened three continent's peace
Now I sleep on the grave of an Indian Chief and watch the sky's unnatural hue
Glow a sickening blend of green and blue and artificial white
I have to squint to see the stars now sterile from light
And the fucked up fact is this unauthorized pact is what lulls me to sleep every night.
Track Name: Global Warning feat. Choc
I'm far too fly for the seat of my pants
Ain't a hoe getting deep enough for the seed of my plants
Rap used to be my romance
The answer's no, I don't love you
and neither do I trust you, wilding everywhere like kudzu
Need to check yourself like one, two
Life ain't gotta undo, used to be the place I run to
Now I want to bring a gun to
Not bullshitting, I miss the past days of same ol' kickin'
Moved on up to first class, today they're serving cold chicken
Plain revenge on a sinner ever since placenta swimmer
Yeah, I got a rap sheet, it always jams up the finger printer
Internet celebrity, wireless infidelities
Saved me a trip to everywhere to yell "I'm inhaling weed!"
When the ride gets turbulent a turtleneck's a tourniquet
It makes sense, if life isn't why would death be permanent?

Coming this winter, straight jackets by Mother Nature
in the form of blizzards, hurricanes, droughts and other natural dangers
Winds that catapult Rove Rangers into individual shopping chambers
in department mangers the size of Tony Hawk airplane hangers
Catalyzed by melting ice at the apex of the welting eyes
where the sky and ocean collide and bind
Remind your mind it's all a dream within a nightmare
As the night nears fear rears its ugly head
Death says "I'm right here…"
Global destruction speaks of natural resource combustion
Something snaps beneath the crumbling infrastructure of Earth's function
Murky sludge corrupting pristine lakes across sixteen states that depopulate
instigates over a dozen fires across a span of twenty hundred acres
(pronounced "aches" for effect)
Ducking flames, the world's a giant ocean
so the fire spreads as the oil grows in waves
The raze shaves the Earth of grassy blades
A maze paved by the haze of burning, drowning flame.
Track Name: Roll Wit Me feat. T. Brickz
Girl you said you don't really know him
and instead you just wanna know me.
You just broke up with your man, so
roll with me.

A Legend of the Hidden Temple, I'm a green monkey
My shit's bananas, I'ma have to make a Sundae
While you watch Adventure Time wearing' a snuggie
I'm dipping' games in honey bumpin' Bun B countin' money
I got twenty bucks enough to fill my tummy
Does I throw down? Is an egg's yolk runny?
AKUMAlating Blanka when we kicking it like Chun Li
Dead Pres stacking four old men, No Country
Call me Keith Morris in a Taurus rubbin nubbies
Call me Henry Rollins in a dirty van hungry
Actually don't call me, cuz I'm probably busy, dunnie
Chile, I'm the shi'ite like I ain't cool with Sunnies
Whoops, I meant Sunnies, watching LOTR movies
Tryin' to feel on this chick boobies but she isn't feelin' Looty
It's all groovy, or should I say gravy
She was dressed up like a tramp trying swear she was a lady
Blah blah blah blah something about modesty
In social situations I'm more awkward than abusive ex apologies
Shootin for the stars like I got beef with astronomy
Peeling back the curtains like I studied gynecology
Possibly I'm fresher than potpourri
Religion makes a mockery of human rights because it hides hypocrisy
Whattup Grandmaster Caz
Whattup Charles Bronson's stash
Whattup the Charles Bronson split with Spazz
I'm John Nash, brilliant but off-kilter
Smokin on a Pall Mall red minus the filter
I'm f-f-flowing like a fish, no Gefilte
My whole team made of magic trick, no Matilda
RCG Fellowship connect to get sum scrilla
Y'all know we mo trilla, stacking papes like bob the builder
Can we fix it? Depends on how severe the damage is
It's a rap, Brendan Fraser bandages

You already know I don't need shit
but I can make you feel stuck like Speed Stick
With the speed dick, I'm out of control
You like the way I feel in and out of your hole
And I ain't here to play no games, I know that you're shy
And when you like a guy, girls don't lie
It comes out when the alcohol just in your system
You know that you get spinny
Tipsy and frisky, I like it 'cause you're risky
Now get me and we can play hide and seek
Under the covers, you like to play nasty games
I like them nasty games! ;-*
Let me rub you down with something
It ain't about nothing, so girl stop fronting
Your man won't stop calling, he keep bugging
You know I'm in the streets all day and we thuggin'
Getting the money, getting the guap
You know, I'd rather do life in the box (your vagina) with the bars
And I ain't talking bout being in jail
I'm talking about because I got the bars
I spit penitentiary rhymes
and all these bitches is turning from niks to dimes
And you a dub, so what you need to do is sweep me off my feet
So we can fall in love!
I like that, it's a turn on
and I don't like when girls turn around just like doorknobs (TALEX BRIX G.O.A.T.)
Track Name: No Cutbax
If all you got in yr pocket is a bus pass
And everyone that you know's who you trust last
Raise yr middle finger to the sky like "Fuck That!"
We're taking a stand, we ain't accepting no cutbacks
No cut backs, no cut backs
Middle fingers to the sky, we're taking no cut backs
No cut backs, no cut backs
Everyone I've ever met's who I fucking trust last

I've recognized a lot of faces and lived in a lot of places
Been accused of being tasteless, been encompassed by many female embraces
Some have ended in break ups or in a similar fashion, Marc Jacobs,
they've finalized in make ups and take ups
We're taking back what's rightfully ours
Fuck climbing the summit, Absolutely's reaching for the stars
but we ain't getting no calls from A&Rs so we cover up the scars by swallowing Xany bars
Waking up, nine o'clock, tie, suit, shoes
That life ain't enough, though it might suit you
Eating potatoes for lunch and dinner on weekends
Splitting a half a loaf of bread for supper with three friends
and looking at Choc I hear his belly grumble
You my brother, motherfucker, respect for keeping me humble
Snowy days in summer is on the way
In a world that packs heat a blizzard will get you paid
And til I got it made like Special Ed making trouble
I'm shaving pennies off of the pound, saving even the stubble
Livin in huddles, sleeping beneath the rubble
of the bones of the skeleton of a Fellowship that crumbled
My life goals seem outta reach like hubble shuttle
Tensions are raised high like a gravedigger's shove post-mortem
What happened? I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't miss my old consortium
And I don't book studio sessions 'cause I can't afford 'em
I started this rap shit to fight boredom
All these rappers lie and labels they just record em
Obama promised the people change but he just Martin Short 'em
Some times I think my girl half expects me to bottom out
before I belly up, trying' to fill my belly to my mouth
I swear now FELLOWSHIP til I'm lifeless
Whether from an overdose crisis or bloody knife tips
And I'ma ride til I die like D-Day
Watch how I make a splash: Sea World, V8
I knew since six I was destined to be great and I ain't holding back no more
Charles Dickens' Cheapskate
I knew since ten I was destined to bend the concept of a poet like a willow in the wind
I knew since twelve scattered in every cell were bars that would be the key to me escaping jail

Track Name: Chocolate Covered Chaos feat. Choc
The hydrogen blows through my nose, taking aim at my foes
Look deceptive like a black sheep draped in wolves' clothes
Intestinal tie crooked, stitch vaginal skins to towels
Call me Alex DeLarge, milk and synthemesc in my bowels
Eating decomposing pussy in a freshly laid tomb
At the second coming of Christ I'll suicide bomb Mary's womb
I'm on Suspiria hits of acid that makes synapses sear
Then cut your heart open and hang you from a chandelier
Shorty's laugh was cold blooded as he acted so foul
When I was twelve Richard Ramirez said he liked my style
Sharpen my tongue, confront you with T.H.C. coated lungs
You'll get burnt on spot like flying too close to the sun
Slam the gate of the sepulcher, drain the blood from my wrists
with six slits, grim drips from slick scissor tip snips
Take my blade and give you lips where your neck should exist
Oh, did I slit your throat? My bad, I guess my knife slipped

By nightfall when I crawl out of my cavern's umbra
Like this modest rotundas waking damsels out their slumber
With a chill as cold as tundras it's a mid-summer's nightmare
Bright full-moon glare from the eighth house of Aquarius
Arousing sanguinarius nefarious, the scariest
Impale you with a staff, blast, half-step to death
Homicide note: G Treble clef
I exhale the devil's breath and sink my teeth into edible flesh
Fatal attraction, mortal magnet, bottom feeders caught up in my dragnet
Vast girls get drained and laid stagnant
Abject, half-dead, half-Sudafed when I mix the potion
Get the notion that an interloper's closing in
Bram Stoker's ring around the neck choker
Ligatures, my signature, I'm sinister
Actin' all into her, then when I taste her innards
I'm like "Bitch, thanks for warming up my fucking dinner"
Track Name: 2012
People always ask me if I'm happy and complacent
I usually say "Yeah", a social situation face lift but
Face it, I'm never gonna make it out this basement

Another Friday night, another set
Another hoard of people staying for two songs and
leaving in the middle of the third one to grab a cigarette
I glance over at Master Peace, a ceasing of my breath
I almost skip a line but come back with the right one
at the very end of the allotted time, the verse goes fine
He starts to come in with his section of the chorus as
I notice 85% of the room has ignored us
People clutching solo cups, laughing it up
I see a schway (that's montclair for drunk) hipster chick throwing up
on what I assume to be her boyfriend's brand new shoes
Some of the crowd steps back and moves, my pupils peruse
The chick that I've been eagerly anticipating to see us live has gone "poof!"
When the set's over I would try to talk to her but right now
I'm so disappointed and angry I would only bark at her
See the thing that I think they didn't realize
was that I stayed for their band's set like five times
But clearly she's an image, my mind corrects
As I realize my part of the chorus is about to come up next
I fuck up on the first word, nobody notices
I turn to Holden and he nods his head like "Loot, go for it"
Choc-RULA as usual ain't here
But like usual I drowned my social fear in a pool of bear
End of the set, only six people left
Glad I made their night better but I ain't getting a check
Sound difficulties abound miserably
We're taking this lack of an audience thing kind of pitifully
Tonight Loko will get laid, Holden and Cupcake
will go back to their house, have a spliff and fuck break
I'll go with Nookie Krisp to sit in the little backyard
I have with Slevin and talk about how chess relates to math
But when I get alone I'll either want to cry or shrivel up and die
Or get on a plane and fly into every kid I know's apartment in this town
Jih-odd man out, I get so wound up just to feel so let down
After my set, DON'T give me a pound
and say "great job, bro" if you weren't even around
My eyes work, numb nuts
You're not invisible
I kind of want to put you in condition critical
'Cause I don't give a fuck that you missed it, that's your loss
I just hate a fake fuck who gives you ego applause
if you didn't earn it or didn't actually deserve it
and if you did they stayed for two songs and the second one,
they barely heard it 'cause they were talking
Get to fucking walking, get the hell out of my office!
So as I put the mic down and the music ends
I stare with grateful eyes at my six remaining friends

Track Name: Drip (The Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption)
'Cause it's a long way to the top
Separate chicanery, the chaffery from crop's cream
Life ain't really what it seems
Days spiral away like a drip-drop dream
Drip-drop drip

I'm twenty-two and living emptily
My innocence invaded by my adolescent entropy
"I'll probably improvise if I end my life eventually" I contemplate over shotguns my lady lent to me
Life blows my mind all the time like John Kennedy's assassination
playing steady on a loop infinitzed
Peer within this eye and try to tell me that it's all perspective
You get out what you put in: definition reflective
The world around me wants me to subject to the objective point of view
but I objected that view for the subjective
And when it comes to fam I get protective
I hope you can respect it
I hope you'll disregard when I'm defensive
In other words, I'm never trying to offer the offensive but if that's the way you take it
Sobe it like lizard beverage
All I can do is offer you some leverage
Leeway to trim the hedge with
Three days to resurrect with
But all I give to myself's a headache
Trying to collect the crumbs remaining from the prior bread break
Sometimes I feel at thirty I'll be stuck living in Red Bank
A system of being a relative prisoner minus the pruno and red shank
I'm the last of my kind, Population rewind
Get ready for lines at the bread bank
When recession arrives and depression deprives it will weigh on us heavy like lead tanks
'Til density crushes and weight reprocusses the strain will drain us of our fervor
From paper we write on to burgers we bite on, life is kept going by murder
And it's a shame that at my state and age I forsake the Holy Pages' Grace so I can blaze away
With my conscience like "So this is what we're gonna do?
Sip a brew, receive, take two and pass, whip out the next Bambu,
then stuff that full of twenty bucks and lick and tuck the paper glue…
two decades old enough to know better that's what you pay to do??!"
To the man in the mirror, I've always hated you
I hate what you've made me become despite that I created you
So even though I'm getting faded like an 80's doo
My problem's prominence becomes more pronounced than a camera zoom
Just give my stamina room, some room enough to bloom
Spread out like perfume, packed tight like buried gold doubloons
And as long as I'm living and breathing and kicking I'm breaking down walls
and I'm scratching and sniffing and screaming and bitching and hoping and wishing
Pacing in public like a pigeon
Don't know whether to follow bread crumbs or intuition


Drinking black coffee and staring at wallpaper wondering just where I'm headed
Another year older and I just feel colder like "Who's letting all this fresh air in?"
The worship of gold, the wealth unforetold, the smudging of the cloak of Aaron
The reloaded role of the planet of Jade, avoiding ancient Armageddon
And I'm only now getting the punchline
How do you think its flesh would feel if you could actually touch time?
I think of how frail my flesh feels as I touch mine
For someone so good with words when I actually need them I'm always tongue tied
Me and the troops that I've enlisted shall surely represent the twisted, lifted and the gifted
And though some of the paths that were once crossed have drifted
I'll stay loyal to the FELLOWSHIP 'til my bucket's been kicked in
Kicked in like the door of Christopher Wallace's home robbery victim
I picked him to be the simile for this evening
Looks can be deceiving, it's alright, I'm only bleeding
And as I bleed out without the familial comfort of a familiar tourniquet
I realize life is a college of suffering with credits of pain
And today I'm learning that death is permanent
People are murderous, friends often turn against those they were loyal to
Over time love gets wrinkled and tossed out when the feeling is through like aluminum foil do
Big Brother is watching but we are all voyeurs, too
On the fence whether to picket like Sawyer do
Peaceful protest gives police more control of you
That's why where your soul should be feels like a hole to you
People are desensitized to others' pain
My own friends act strange when I mention my Father's name
Some of them treat me like "Get over it!" and I feel shame
for nothing more than wanting to keep his memory alive like the Eternal Flame of JFK
Rest in Peace, Dad, I miss you every day
Day by day I have a new reason to not let you fade away
I miss you like crazy, my life feels so empty but
I know you're in a safer space
I feel so selfish for wanting you back, I wish that I could take your place
But it's a swap I'll likely never meet
I wish you all the best, Rest in Peace in the right hand seat of Elohim
It seems our time together was a dream
Tell Mommy I miss her and give her a kiss on either cheek
I'm so lost down here, my outlook is Mordor bleak
Inching along day by day like a cop's Dodge four-door creeps in the hood
Whoever said "life is good" is an extremist
Whoever said "life sucks" is just an experience elitist
Negativity and Positivity is like panoramic pictures to get the job done stay in the middle
Don't be so convinced that looking inward should always result in light or always result in dark
Remember that there's white and blue flames from the same spark
And that's what we are, bonfires of breath
The extinguishing of life is the commissioning of death
Don't be scared to love unselfishly, 'cause that's where wisdom
Enters and reflects out fivefold like a Pink Floyd prism
Pacing in public like a pigeon
Don't know whether to follow breadcrumbs or intuition